Membrane constructions

Welcome to Mebrane Detail!

This website contains hundreds of constructional details which are used in the high-tech architecture of tensile membranes.
The Project „Engineering solutions of tensile membrane structures - Virtual collection of constructional details” was a Student Research Project at the Technical University of Budapest, within the Faculty of Architecture, at the Department of Mechanics, Materials and Structures.
You can download the entire report in Hungarian and in English languages.
In the „Models” section there are rendered photos and technical drawings of hundreds of models made in AutoCAD Architecture 2013, containing wide-ranging technical knowledge. You will have the opportunity to look into topics like corner details, flexible edge details, canopies, low-point, or suspended structures, etc...
In the „Drawings” section you can find further engineering solutions of corner details.
The original 3D models are available – our contact details are available!
This website is a flexible, expanding source of knowledge. Your comments are welcome regarding our website and the information provided.


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